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Michelle Phillips © 2021

Rediscovering the Beauty in You 

 with Transformation Coach Michelle Phillips


Building Self-Confidence

4 Part Video Series

  1. Powerful Practice #1

  2. ​Beauty, Love & Transformation Assessment/Finding Clarity

  3. ​Accentuate Your Beauty

  4. Let Go of Negative Beliefs, Forgiveness & the Beauty of Gratitude


You will Learn Michelle's Proven Practices to Regain Self-Worth, Confidence & Courage to Boldly Claim the Lifestyle and the Love You Deeply Desire. 

Your 30 Day Reset to Radiance 

 with Transformation Coach Michelle Phillips


4 Step Video Series

+ 5 Bonus Guide Downloads
Recharge, Reset & Renew
Your Mind, Body and Beauty Routine.  
Join Michelle for 30 days as she guides you through her step-by-step process to reset your health, mindset and outer beauty routine for a radiant life changing transformation.
 Michelle is offering you her Health, Wellness and Beauty Guides for FREE with this program!  These BONUS Materials are 
worth over $1000 
  • Building Confidence

    Rediscovering The Beauty In You Series
  • RESET to Radiance

    30-Day Health and Wellness Plan